Melvyn GOH

Managing Partner

Melvyn is the founder of Succession Advisory Partners. In his current role, he is responsible for the vision, strategy, business development and client advisory for the company. Prior to his current role, he served three tenures with the global media conglomerate Forbes. In his roles as Forbes China Publisher, Forbes Asia Executive Director, and Forbes China President, he worked closely with ultra-high-net-worth families, next-generation and zero to IPO entrepreneurs.

An award-winning CEO, Melvyn was the President of Mindshare China, and a member of WPP, the world’s largest marketing services company. Melvyn was responsible for the management of USD 2 billion in marketing funds and was a member of the Mindshare Worldwide Executive Committee, with oversight of more than 100 offices spanning 80 countries. (Source-Recma). Melvyn was awarded the Agency Head of the Year, by Campaign Asia, the results tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Melvyn earned a Master of Science in Wealth Management, Singapore Management University and is a qualified chartered secretary. He trained at a specialized program at the University of St Gallen and Zurich on “Preserving Wealth for Generations”. He founded the Stanford Publishing – Media Development Authority Singapore Scholarship Award with Stanford University and is a recipient of the Dean’s Fellowship Award, New York University.

He is a frequent speaker on wealth trends in China, emigration and overseas education for the wealthy Chinese.


Leroy Lim Leng

Chief Family Adviser

Leng is a co-founder of Succession Advisory Partners and has 20 years’ experience in family counseling, the mentoring of the next generation, leadership coaching, and workshop facilitation. His focus is helping high networth family owners and business leaders have intergenerational peace of mind, through understanding both their desires and duties, their vision and values, their power and potential in making long-lasting contributions to the wellbeing of their families and wider society. As a trusted family advisor and change-management professional Leng works with family owners and business leaders in how they lead transitions.

A multi-disciplinary thinker, Leng earned scholarships to three Ivy League Universities. Combining an understanding of international relations and public policy (BA Princeton), theology and counseling (Harvard Divinity School) and business (Harvard Business School), Leng’s work with his clients– as with himself– is to support them to grow in their inner-life (of spirit and emotions), and their outer-life (of material achievement in the world).

From being raised by a single-parent in an HDB neighborhood of Queenstown Singapore to coaching the C-Suite, Leng was given a head start at Raffles Institution and the United World College. Early leadership opportunities included leading an international youth expedition to Alaska with Operation Raleigh. Leng developed his own inner life as an ordained Episcopal (Anglican) minister in the Christian faith, while also meditating in the Buddhist Vipassana tradition. Integrating a Western understanding of psychology into an Asian context, Leng has been supervising candidates in the Executive Masters in Change (EMC) program at INSEAD Business School for more than a decade. Leng thus supports his clients, who come from a wide background, to find deeper meaning and success.

Leng’s clients span Asia, Europe and America, and both high net worth families and leaders from professional services firms (PrinceWaterhouseCoopers) ; public institutions (International Financial Corporation, National University of Singapore); financial services (Prudential Group) (partial list)

Mo Menglin

Deputy Managing Partner

Menglin is Director and Deputy Managing Partner and is responsible for operations and financial product development.

Formerly the Chairman of Shanghai Xinhou Asset Management Co., Ltd. 上海信厚资产管理有限公司, General Manager of Yunnan Baiyao Health Industry Equity Investment Fund 云南白药健康产业股权投资基金, Menglin’s has had a strong record in equity investment in the pharmaceutical and wellness industries. With total assets of 10 billion yuan over the last seven years under her management, she has successfully invested in Biotime Biotechnology 宝太生物 (ROI 70X), Biostar Bio-pharmaceutical 华昊中天生物医药 and Fenghe Medical 风和医疗, among others. Menglin has worked for Yunnan Baiyao Group Co Ltd since 2012 (listed code: 000538).

Menglin is a Council Member of the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance China (G20YEA China). She won the APEC Voices of the Future Changemaker 2019 and was Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2018. Currently a council member of the China Association of Ethical Studies.she is also a member of Southeast Asia Legal Service Center of the Kunming Lawyers’ Association.

Believing in education as the key to confidence and success, she sponsors students every month through the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Menglin has a degree in law and an EMBA from City University of Hong Kong, where she was Beta Gamma Sigma, a lifetime membership restricted only to the top ten percent of the cohort. As part of the EMBA program, she attended in- person specialized training in Yale and Cambridge University. She is an adjunct lecturer at University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and is pursuing her PhD in Law at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Han Tianqi


Tianqi is Head of Institute of Higher Learnings Partnership and Research at Succession Advisory Partners. He was one of the three youth delegates selected from 50,000 applicants from across China in 2013 to attend the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit where President Xi Jinping of China also attended. In 2017, Tianqi was President of APEC Voices of the Future China, the official youth platform for APEC where he led the international talent exchange program in China . The program reached more than 350 million social impressions and attracting 100,000 applicants, Tianqi’s team was able to select Chinese top young talents to join global Head of States at three APEC Summits.

Appointed in 2019 by the International Council of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance – a global network promoting collaboration among a million leading entrepreneurs– to the China Presidency of G20 YEA, Tianqi works across the private and public sectors. He creates platforms, summits and collaborative venues for founders of unicorns to meet with public servants, and young entrepreneurs, with a focus on helping the world understand the nuances of China, and vice versa.

Tianqi’s expertise in facilitating cross-cultural and cross-sectoral collaboration and community development at both the international and local scale was honed through education. Tianqi earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA from the University of Oxford. He served as the Secretary General of the Oxford-Cambridge Alumni Club Beijing.