National Day Dinner Celebrations



About the National Day Dinner Celebrations.

Singcham Alumni celebrates the Singapore’s 58th National Day Dinner 2023 in nostalgic 140-year-old Singapore Recreation Club for an evening of celebration, reminiscence, and unity

SingCham Alumni is a platform, established in April 2020 as a not-for-profit entity, with the objective of providing an avenue for returning Singaporeans who had resided and worked in China, to continue to network, interact and share experiences and resources, with China-friendly and like-minded friends, and to stay socially active and relevant  At the same time, efforts  are undertaken to reach out to the Chinese community in Singapore to foster closer friendship as well as working relationships

Many of our members have many years of China working experience, and extensive knowledge and understanding of China's social environment.   These members' wealth of first-hand experience let them stand in good stead to impart guidance and assistance to those seeking to further their businesses or careers from China.



SGD 100 per paricipant.

Participants can pay by paylah.



19th August 2023

6 pm to 9.30 pm


Singapore Recreation Club

Ballroom Esplanade 1 & 2

B Connaught Drive Singapore 179682

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