About Us

Succession Advisory Partners provide consultation services to billionaires and affluent families and their kin on intergenerational and succession matters.

We understand the complexities involved for ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. The issues are not just always about wealth, but about how to be a family. In order for wealth to be preserved or grown, and for the legacy to continue, we believe that the psychological , emotional and spiritual issues have to be addressed concurrently with the set up and design of trusts and other structures. Healthier relationships enable wealthier futures.


Creating intergenerational peaceof mind

We aim to enable ultra-high net worth families and their organizations to create a better future, thus enabling the patriarch/ matriarch to pass on with peace of mind and heart. We assist these families by facilitating difficult family conversations, assembling and leading multi-disciplinary teams across counseling, legal, finance, tax and philanthropy. We take pride in our expertise and are also humbled and honored to serve as trusted advisors on these very intimate family matters.


The most crucial part of our work with individuals and families is to help them understand and live out their telos, a word in Greek which means purpose or end-goal.

The Greek Philosopher Aristotle believed that everything –plant or animal – serves a purpose. This idea of having a purpose in life is found throughout the wisdom traditions of the world. Christians call this receiving a vocation, or calling from God. In China, Confucius encouraged his disciples, especially when they reached 50, to 听天命, listening to Heaven’s Mandate. For Hindus, the Bhagavad Gita talks about following one’s dharma, or path. Few human beings automatically know their telos, but must spend some effort to understand, follow and serve this higher purpose.

Given Asia’s recent history, the telos motivating the First Generation was survival, by providing for basic food, safety, and shelter. Tremendous hard work, risk taking, and seizing on some good luck have resulted in incredible success. Very successful 1G and their 2G have often progressed to a new telos by then making an indelible mark on society, or industry or field of knowledge. Power, wealth and fame have become fuel for reaching a destination. But quite a few mistake the fuel, and the car, for the destination. The means become the end.

Ultra-wealthy families and individuals have much more resources than others to achieve their telos, yet may find having a true legacy to be elusive. Why? Fulfilling one’s telos requires a disciplined approach that engages not only financial resources, but also mind, heart and soul.

In working with ultra-high networth families and individuals, we bring the highest quality professional support to help them with the what. What is about anything, ranging from investment decisions to family communication; from succession planning to leadership development. By working over the long term, we hold key people accountable to when. Families have to be timely–not too soon, and not too late. But always, we keep the ultra wealthy focused on their why, because fulfilling their telos –vocation, 天命, dhamma– is true success.