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Succession Advisory Partners provides consultation services to billionaires/ultra-high net worth individuals and their kin on succession matters.

We Help
Individuals and Families

Understand and live out their telos, a word in Greek which means purpose or end-goal. This idea of having a purpose in life is found throughout the wisdom traditions of the world.

Creating Intergenerational Peace of Mind

We understand the complexities involved for ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. The issues are not just always about wealth, but about how to be a family.

How we commit to wealth sustainability

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Succession Advisory Partners provide consultation services to billionaires and affluent families and their kin on intergenerational and succession matters.


Creating Intergenerational peace of mind.


The most crucial part of our work with individuals and families is to help them understand and live out their telos, a word in Greek which means purpose or end-goal.

Families have to be timely–not too soon, and not too late. But always, we have the ultra-wealthy focused on the why, because fulfilling one’s telos –vocation, 天命, dhamma– is true success

Succession Advisory Partners

Succession Advisory Partners

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